zbipathwayZ® Program

Introduction to Regenerative Therapy: Socket Preservation

This zbi implant skillZ series allows restorative clinicians to start on the road to competency with regenerative therapy. This program emphasizes extraction socket preservation. The curriculum begins with a series of three (3) self-study webcasts, followed by a skill development module (rep led) with hands-on exercises for learning various socket preservation techniques.
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Modules 1-3: Self-Study Web-Based Programs

  • Module 1

    The Technology of Grafting Materials

    Dr. Elnaz Ajami
  • Module 2

    Utilizing Form and Function as a Means for Achieving Predictable Hard- and Soft-Tissue Regeneration

    Dr. Rodrigo Neiva
  • Module 3

    Implant Site Development with Single-Tooth Extractions: Anterior vs. Posterior

    Dr. Suheil Boutros

Module 4

Hands-on Socket Preservation

Dr. Suheil Boutros
*Course Fee Includes: Three Self-Study Web-Based Modules followed by a locally delivered Rep-Led Hands-on Module.
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