zbipathwayZ® Program

Skill Development Kit - Site Preservation Therapy

This zbi implant skillZ Series allows restorative clinicians to start on the road to competency with regenerative therapy. This program emphasizes extraction socket preservation. The curriculum begins with a series of three (3) self-study webcasts, followed by a skill development module with hands-on exercises for learning various socket preservation techniques.
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Modules 1-3: Self-Study Web-Based Programs

  • Module 1

    The Technology of Grafting Materials

    Dr. Elnaz Ajami
  • Module 2

    Utilizing Form and Function as a Means for Achieving Predictable Hard- and Soft-Tissue Regeneration

    Dr. Rodrigo Neiva
  • Module 3

    Implant Site Development with Single-Tooth Extractions: Anterior vs. Posterior

    Dr. Suheil Boutros

Module 4

Hands-on Socket Preservation

Dr. Suheil Boutros
*Course Fee Includes: Three Self-Study Web-Based Modules followed by a locally delivered Rep-Led Hands-on Module.
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