Today’s Efficient Workflow Starts With A Brighter Idea

Aesthetically-driven results start with an advanced restoration technology: The easy-to-use BellaTek Encode Impression System, It’s the only 3-in-1 healing abutment that also serves as an impression coping and a scan body

What if we could say goodbye to impression copings?

Healing Abutment
Impression Coping

Scan Body
BellaTek® Encode
Impression System

Easy. Efficient. Proven

Fewer parts to purchase Less Inventory to stock

How does it work?

Unique codes on the healing abutment communicate information on the implant place. The information is used by the lab to design the final prosthesis.

Simplified Impressions With
The BellaTek Encode Healing Abutments

Take a digital impression
of the BellaTek
Encode Healing Abutment


Hard- And Soft-Tissue Maintenance

Patient Aesthetics Through Hard- an Soft Tissue Preservation

How To Maintain Tissue Health

The oral mucosa (soft tissue) is unique anatomical and physiological tissue. A healthy intact mucosa is essential for teeth and oral health.3 Dental implants require an intact peri-implant mucosa for successful integration and maintenance.4

Adherent peri-abutment mucosa is credited with reducing and limiting both microbial and oral cavity content through the sulcus to the implant microgap region.4

Clinical Relevance

Studies show that multiple abutment removals (dis/reconnects) negatively affect peri-abutment mucosal sulcus tissues and contributes to the loss of alveolar crestal bone (hard tissue).5

Crestal bone resorption leads to soft-tissue recession and reduced aesthetics.6,7

Reduced Abutment Swaps

BellaTek Encode Healing Abutment provide abutment design and milling information, eliminating the need for an impression coping.

This reduces the need for multiple abutment removals, preserving the peri-abutment mucosal sulcus interface and maintaining the sealing function.

Aesthetic Outcome For The Patient

One Supragingival impression of a BellaTek Encode Healing Abutment results in a BellaTek Patient Specific Abutment ready for cementation and delivery of the definitive prosthesis.

Benefits for The Patient

Fewer Visits

The intraoral scan can be taken by the specialist at the surgical release visit, eliminating a restorative appointment and resulting in less visits to the dentist’s office compared to traditional procedures.


There is no need to use impression copings, resulting in a less invasive impression procedure for more patient comfort.

Aesthetics Outcomes

Abutments designed specifically for the patient for better aesthetic outcomes compared to traditional non-digital procedures.

End-to-End Treatment Solutions that
Optimize the Workflow for the Entire Team


Efficient, streamlined interoffice processes simplify treatment for the referring dentist.
Cutting edge technologies create an improved and more simple treatment process than a traditional technique, differentiating the practice to referring dentists and more importantly, to patients.
The BellaTek Encode Impression System makes it easier for your referral base and may increase treatment acceptance compared to traditional techniques.


Potential new customers may lead to increased crown and bridge business.
There is no need to create a cast, which results in fewer steps in the treatment process, reducing overhead.
This unique branding opportunity may grow the volume of your business.

Restorative Clinician

No implant-level impressions are required- resulting in a simpler and quicker process; minimizing chairtime compared to traditional non-encode procedures that other clinicians may be using.
There are no parts to order, eliminating the need to stock components.
There is increased patient satisfaction due to an easier and more comfortable impression procedure compared to traditional non-encode cases that do not use an IOS.
You have the ability to restore the case in fewer office visits compared to traditional non-encode cases that do not use an IOS.

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ZBINST1260 - Certain Implant System Product Catalog

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ZB0921 - BellaTek Abutments Interactive Work Order Form for U.S., Canada, Australia, and New Zealand Customers

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ZB0903WF - Scan-Thru Workflow for Certain® and Ex-Hex BellaTek Abutments - Desktop Scanner and STL Uploads

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ZB0903WF - Scan-Thru Workflow for Certain® and Ex-Hex® BellaTek Abutments - TRIOS® Scanner (U.S.)

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  2. 2. Rodrıguez X, Vela X, Mendez V, Segala M, Calvo-Guirado JL, Tarnow DP. The effect of abutment dis/reconnections on peri-implant bone resorption: A radiologic study of platform-switched and non-platform-switched implants placed in animals. Clin. Oral Impl. Res. 00, 2011, 1.

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