Allograft Particulate
Puros® Cancellous Particulate Allograft

The Natural Choice For Healthy Bone Growth

1. Proven, Predictable Regeneration

  • Acts as an osteoconductive scaffold for new bone formation1,2
  • In large-volume applications, prospective studies have documented faster bone regeneration at six months than grafts containing sintered bovine bone matrix3,4
  • In small-volume applications, regeneration of hard bone has been reported as early as 3-5 months5,7


2. Natural And Easy To Use

  • Retains osteoconductive properties due to the preservation of the natural bone matrix collagen and mineral composition, trabecular pattern, and original porosity,1,2 enabling the ingrowth of vascular and cellular connective tissue6
  • Easy handling – quick hydration, five-year shelf life and room temperature storage


3. Tutoplast® Process

  • Sterilized and preserved using the proprietary Tutoplast process, Puros Cancellous Particulate is a high-quality
    allograft designed for large and small volume bone regeneration procedures


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