Allograft Particulate
Puros® Cortical Particulate Allograft

Building Bone Naturally

1. Long-Lasting Regeneration

  • Can be used alone or as a composite graft in space maintenance and volume enhancement procedures1
  • Slow-resorbing – Maintains an open network for the proliferation of bone-forming cells1
  • Retains the natural collagen matrix and mineral structure of human cortical bone2​


2. Clinically Successful

  • Remodels into a dense lamellar structure without sacrificing ridge contour, and into natural viable bone with similar density to native bone3
  • In a “sandwich” technique for the treatment of localized buccal dehiscence defects, Park and Wang4 reported an average gain of 1.8 mm in bone thickness
  • In a combination “sandwich” and mucogingival pouch flap technique, one study achieved 1.5 mm to 3.5 mm gain in mean ridge thickness, and 84% to 100% gain in mean ridge height5


3. Safe And Easy To Use2

  • Sterilized using the proprietary Tutoplast® process
  • Easy handling, quick hydration, five-year shelf life and room temperature storage


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