Allograft Particulate
Puros® DBM Particulate

1. Osteoinductive Potential Preserved1

  • Preservation of protein activity maintains osteoinductivity (OI) potential2,3​

2. Best In Class Processing1​

  • Proprietary Cancelle SP® processing designed to preserve protein activity allowing the DBM to maintain OI potential
  • Only DBM with verified OI potential is released to processing
  • Low temperature, low dose gamma irradiation preserves the utility of the graft

3. Trusted Source1

  • Safety and reliability you expect from the Puros Brand
  • Single donor source
  • Terminally sterilized to SAL 10-6

4. Convenient Handling

  • Quick hydration
  • Room temperature storage4​
  • 2 year shelf-life


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ZB1195 - Puros DBM Particulate  Datasheet

ZB1258 - Puros® DBM Particulate and the DBM Component of Puros Ci have Osteoinductive (OI) potential Post Cancelle SP® DBM Sterilization Process

1. Data on file with RTI Surgical. 
2. Each lot of Puros DBM particulate is tested for OI potential using an in vivo athymic rat model. 
3. Performance data from animal studies may not be representative of performance in humans.
4. Refer to implant labeling for specific storage conditions.

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