Xenograft Particulate
CopiOs® Cancellous Particulate Xenograft

A Xenograft Treatment Similar To Allograft1

1. Predictable Remodeling and Regeneration

• CopiOs Cancellous Particulate Xenografts are mineralized particulate cancellous bovine bone chips indicated for large and small bone defects.1,2
• In small defects it has been reported to rapidly remodel into vital bone.1
• During the remodeling process CopiOs Cancellous Particulate Xenografts act as an osteoconductive scaffold for new bone formation.1,3
• Retains osteoconductive properties due to the preservation of the original bovine cancellous bone matrix collagen and mineral composition, trabecular pattern and original porosity.1,4


2. Alternative to Autogenous Bone

• CopiOs Cancellous Particulate Xenografts have been reported to be a viable alternative to autogenous bone grafts.1,5


3. Alternative to Autogenous Bone

• Sterilized and preserved using the proprietary Tutoplast Process, CopiOs Cancellous Particulate Xenografts offers a high-quality option for successful bone regeneration.1



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2. Instructions for Use.

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