Xenograft Particulate
RegenerOss® Resorbable Xenograft

RegenerOss Resorbable Xenograft - Porcine Anorganic Bone Mineral

1. Carbonate Apatite Bone Graft Substitute1

  • RegenerOss Resorbable Xenograft is a porcine-derived carbonate apatite intended for bone repair and regeneration for oral surgical procedures


2. Creating the Right Environment2

  • RegenerOss Resorbable Xenograft is highly porous which allows in-growth of blood vessels that provide adequate supply of nutrients, delivery of cells and growth factors necessary for osseous tissue formation.


3. Ideal Porous Osteoconductive Scaffold

  • The osteoconductive surface and porous structure of RegenerOss Resorbable Xenograft allow for new bone formation, both around and within the particle



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ZB0937 - Regenerative Product Portfolio (France Only)

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ZB1021 - RegenerOss® Xenografts Clinical Case Studies

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