CuztomGraft Solutions™

CuztomGraft Solutions™ for Guided Bone Regeneration​

Bone regeneration procedures and techniques have advanced the way that hard tissue is rebuilt prior to implant placement. Bone blocks and bone graft particulates are available from a choice of human, animal, or synthetic origin. However, most of the available products are pre-shaped and need to be adapted to the defect site. Their surfaces require manipulation in order to achieve ingrowth of blood vessels and vascularization of the graft material.1​


Your Benefits
Zimmer Biomet AccuraMeshes Have The Following Features:

  1. 1. Two Material Options Available
  2. 2. Pre-Planned Screw Positions
  3. 3. Sterile Packaged – Ready For Use 
  4. 4. Space Maintaining
  5. 5. Reduced Surgery Time And Morbidity


Two Different Raw Materials, Two Different Products:

> PEEK AccuraMesh

> Titanium AccuraMesh


Data Submission

Fill in the product request form (online or using form ZB1210) and transfer together with CT/CBCT data (DICOM format required) using Zimmer Biomet Dental’s upload website:


More Information

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