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SAFESCRAPER™ TWIST Cortical Bone Collector

SAFESCRAPER™ TWIST Cortical Bone Collector - A New Twist On Manually Harvesting Bone


1. Provides 160° Cutting Area

  •   Effective On Plane, Concave And Convex Bone Surfaces

2. Available In Curved And Straight Designs

  • Versatile, Facilitating Access To Hard-To-Reach Posterior Regions

3.  Large Capacity Chamber

  •  Minimizes Bone Shaving Dispersion And Retains Bone In A Sterile Chamber To Limit Patient Contamination

4. Lateral Opening System

  • Provides Device Stability And May Be Used As A Container For Composite Grafts

5. Viability

  • Harvested bone contains viable bone cells and shows high osteogenic potential1, 2
  • Higher cell viability, cell proliferation, osteogenic potential and release of growth factors compared to other harvesting methods2,3



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1. Zaffe D, D’Avenia F. A novel bone scraper for intraoral harvesting: a device for filling small bone defects. Clin Oral Impl Res. 2007;18:525-533.
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3. Miron RJ, Gruber R, Hedbom E, Saulacic N, Zhang Y, Sculean A, Bosshardt DD ,Buser D. Impact of Bone Harvesting Techniques on Cell Viability and the Release of Growth Factors of Autografts. Clin Impl Dent Rel Res. 2013;15:481-489.


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