Non-Resorbable Membranes
OsseoGuard® PTFE Titanium-Reinforced Membrane

Titanium-Reinforced, High-Density PTFE Membrane

Two Handling Options And 15 Different Shapes To Meet Your Clinical Needs

The traditional frame design, incorporating delicate and strategically-placed titanium “struts”, has more than 25 years of clinical history and successful use in GBR. This innovative, hybrid design consists of a thin layer of expanded PTFE (e-PTFE) laminated to a textured d-PTFE membrane. In between these two layers lies a titanium framework. The titanium framework is a grade of titanium that has little to no memory. Once formed, the titanium-reinforced membrane will remain in that shape until mechanically altered.

Designed for periodontal applications, large defects, and defects missing adequate bony architecture. Engineered to withstand exposure.


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