Soft Tissue Augmentation
Puros® Dermis Allograft Tissue Matrix

The Natural Choice For Soft-Tissue Augmentation

1. Versatile Soft-Tissue Augmentation

  • Utilized for both horizontal and vertical softtissue augmentation and Guided Tissue Regeneration procedures1,2
  • Reduces morbidity and saves valuable chair time by eliminating the need to harvest an autogenous graft3
  • Offered in four sizes and two thicknesses

2. Natural Regeneration

  • Retains the natural collagen matrix, content and mechanical properties of native dermis4
  • Provides a healing environment and acts as a guide for the regeneration of vital softtissue1,2
  • Demonstrated successful soft-tissue response and maturation2,3

3. Sterile

  • Sterilized using the proprietary Tutoplast® process
  • Excellent handling, rapid hydration4





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ZB0882 - Puros® Dermis Comparative Data Sheet

4738- Solvent-degydrated cadaveric dermis: a new allograft for pubovaginal sling surgery

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