Prosthetic Instrumentation

Gold-Tite® Screw and SureSealTM Technology

SureSeal Technology shall be designed for superior seal integrity through the Implant-Abutment Junction (IAJ). This shall be achieved with the combination of the proprietary Gold-Tite Screw, Certain® Internal Connection and precision manufacturing processes.

Implant/abutment seal strength - Use of the Gold-Tite Screw increases Certain Implant/abutment clamping force by up to 113% as compared to a non-coated titanium alloy screw.4,*

Implant/abutment clamping force - Designed to reduce microleakage through exacting interface tolerances and maximized clamping forces.

Proprietary Gold-Tite Screw surface lubrication allows the screw to rotate further as compared to an uncoated screw, thereby increasing the clamping force and maximizing abutment stability.5


Abutment Screws:

• Gold-Tite and SureSeal Technology Screw - IUNIHG

• Titanium Screw - IUNIHT

• Large Gold-Tite and SureSeal Technology Screw - ILRHG

• Large Titanium Screw - ILRGHT


Retaining Screws:

• Low Profile Abutment Gold-Tite Screw - LPCGSH

• Gold-Tite Screws - GSH20, GSH30, GSH70

• Low Profile Abutment Titanium Screw - LPCTSH

• Titanium Hexed Screw - TSH30


Waxing & Try-In Screws:

• Laboratory Waxing Screw - IWSU30

• Hexed Try-In Screw - IUNITS


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ART1048 - Certain Implant System Ordering Information

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  1. 4. Suttin Z††, Towse R††. Effect of abutment screw design on implant system seal performance. Presented at the European Association for Osseointegration, 20th Annual Scientific Meeting; October 2012; Copenhagen, Denmark.
  2. 5. Byrne D, Jacobs S, O’Connell B, Houston F, Claffey N. Preloads generated with repeated tightening in three types of screws used in dental implant assemblies. J. Prosthodont. 2006 May–Jun;15(3):164-171.


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