Provisional Restorations
Titanium Temporary Cylinders

Material: Titanium Alloy Connection


  • Single- and multiple-unit provisional screw-retained restorations
  • Minimum interarch space of 6 mm for PreFormance and 7 mm for Titanium Cylinders
  • Maximum angulation of 15°
  • Intraoral use limited to 180 days for the PreFormance Temporary Cylinders
  • mmediate non-occlusal loading of single-unit provisional restorations
  • Multiple-unit restorations will require an evaluation of occlusal forces in lateral and protrusive excursions and masticatory forces to minimize the load on the provisional restorations


Most Provisional Abutments (PreFormance Posts and Temporary Cylinders) include the corresponding Titanium Hexed Screw.


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