Overdenture Restorations
LOCATOR® Abutments and Components

LOCATOR Attachments are available for the Tapered Screw-Vent Dental Implant System. The Locator Overdenture Attachment is the ideal solution for overdenture restorations.

• Low Profile. A low vertical height makes the Locator Overdenture Attachment an effective option for treatment of a wider range of patients

• Easy for Patients. Self-locating attachment gives patients the ability to easily position and place their overdentures

• Predictable. Dual-retention and tremendous durability ensure longlasting stability and performance1

• Versatile. A variety of options for retention and angulation correction lets you tailor the case to fit the needs of the patient

To select the proper abutment, measure the tissue from the top of the implant to the top of the soft tissue. Take measurements buccal, lingual, mesial and distal and use the tallest measurement. Select the abutment cuff height which matches the tallest tissue measurement. Round up to the next cuff height if necessary. The abutment will protrude 1.5 mm above the tissue in order to allow engagement of the metal housing. 



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1. Data on file with Zest Anchors, LLC

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