Provisional Restorations
Plastic Temporary Cylinders

Providing support for the temporary restoration, the abutments are available in straight and angled options in multiple cuff heights. This allows for flexibility in the selection of the optimal abutment for each individual case.

Extensive Selection

  • Available in ready-to-use 1mm or 4mm cuff heights for customization

  • Straight and angled options enable selection of the optimal abutment for each individual case

  • Conveniently packaged with both processing and retaining screws for use in cement or screw-retained restorations

Uncomplicated and adaptable

  • Plastic polymer material that is easily modified

  • Chair-side preparation that is both brief and cost-effective


  • PEEKTM plastic polymer, offered in a natural tooth color, bonds well with common temporary crown materials including acrylic and composite


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