Screw Retained Restorations
TSV® BellaTek® Express and Flex Abutments

What Ti-Bases Were Meant To Be

Get Restorative Flexibility, Efficiency and Strength

TSV BellaTek Express and TSV BellaTek Flex are the original cement- or screw-retained abutments for angled screw access channel restorations for Zimmer Biomet Dental Tapered Screw-Vent® (TSV) Implants.  Add efficiency to your CAD/CAM single- or multi-unit implant restorations workflow with the flexibility of adjusting the abutment at four different heights, and support with thicker abutment walls on wider implant platform diameters.

  • Unrivaled Flexibility - The TSV BellaTek Flex Abutment provides a unique 12 mm post for cases that demand taller heights with greater surface for bonding to the crown. Machined grooves on the abutment’s post indicate height adjustments at 4.75, 7, 9 and 12 mm. Leave the abutment at 12 mm or cut it at one of the three indicated heights that best fits your case and digitally design the crown from the library files with the matching heights on your preferred software.

  • Convenience Within Reach - The TSV BellaTek Express Abutment conveniently comes at 4.75 mm post height, providing efficiency for cases that do not require taller heights.

  • Enabled Angles For Versatility - Place the Angled Screw Channel anywhere from 0 to 25° for improved aesthetics in anterior cases and for better access in challenging inter-arch spaces.

  • Multi-Unit Cases Unlocked - The TSV BellaTek Express and Flex Abutments are also available for multi-unit cases. The non-engaging connection allows for the freedom of rotation ideal for making multi-unit bridges.

  • Added Strength On Wider Platforms - Different than other Ti-base type abutments in the market, the post wall of TSV BellaTek Express and Flex Abutments thicken in wider platform diameters, providing additional support for larger restorations.

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