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The NanoTite Implant includes the proprietary OSSEOTITE dual-acid-etched surface, which is then further treated with a deposition of nanometer scale crystals of calcium phosphate. This is known as the Discrete Crystalline Deposition or DCD® Process. The DCD surface treatment is a discrete crystalline deposition onto the OSSEOTITE Surface, not a plasma sprayed coating.

The synergistic effect of these two technologies, the OSSEOTITE Surface and the DCD Process, has demonstrated promising results in animal studies.* Because of this synergistic effect, a more complex micro-surface is created. Preclinical studies* demonstrated that the DCD Surface treatment, when compared to OSSEOTITE Control Implants, significantly improved the rate and extent of bone-to-implant contact, resulting in statistically significant enhanced integration.1,2

For all NanoTite Implant configurations, wherever there is the dual-acid-etched OSSEOTITE Surface, the DCD nano-scale calcium phosphate has been applied.





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1. Mendes VC, Davies JE†. Discrete calcium phosphate nanocrystals enhance osteoconduction on titanium-based implant surfaces. Canadian Biomaterials Society. 25th Annual Meeting. May 26-28, 2006. Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

2. Mendes VC, Davies JE†. Discrete calcium phosphate nanocrystals render titanium surfaces bone-bonding. Int J Oral Maxillofac Implant. 2007;22:484.

*Pre-clinical studies are not necessarily indicative of clinical results.


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