Dental Implant Systems
Spline® Implants

Simple procedures and optimal esthetics.

Zimmer Dental offers a full range of easy to use components to meet all your restorative needs. The high-strength Spline Implant interface allows the implant and the abutment to form a precise “lock,” reducing joint failure.

Choosing a Diameter and Flare Use this diagram and chart as a guide in determining implant diameter and flare options for the tooth or teeth being restored.

• Spline connection has been proven stronger than external hex designs.1-3

• Interdigitating projections & slots provide exceptionally precise fit.

• Enhanced sense of engagement.

• Solves rotational problems and reduces micromovement. 4-6

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ZBINST0052 - Spline Implant System Product Catalog

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ZBINST0055 - Spline® Implant System Prosthetic Manual

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1. ASTM Specification B348

2. Data on file 

3. Carlsson, et al, JOMI, Vol. 3, number 1, pp. 21-24, 1998 

4. Results from animal studies cannot be directly correlated to results in humans; 5 Binon, PP Int, J Prosthodont 1995; 8; 162-178 

6. Master J. Holloway J. Rotational Resistance and Preload of Hex and Spline Implants. Data presented at the 1996 Academy of Osseointegration Meeting, March 1, 1996


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