Guided Surgery Solutions
RealGUIDE™ Z3D Guided Surgery Kit

North America Market

Designed for Zimmer Biomet’s TSV®, Trabecular Metal™ and Eztetic® Dental Implants

The new RealGUIDE Z3D Guided Surgery Kit contains instruments needed for the planned surgery. It is designed to work with Zimmer Biomet’s TSV, Trabecular Metal and Eztetic Implant Systems. 

The kit information is available in the RealGUIDE Software Suite, an open system for diagnosis and advanced surgical guide design  that will support you with customized drilling reports to be well-prepared for dental implant therapy.


  • Fully guided placement of Zimmer Biomet Dental Eztetic 3.1 mm Implant and TSV/TM Implants in sizes 3.7 mm, 4.1 mm and 4.7 mm
  • Color-coded for ease of use
  • Compact kit, which is useful for space-constrained dental offices
  • No handles or keys are necessary while preparing the osteotomy
  • DLC (Diamond-like Carbon) coating on the drills provides wear resistance characteristics 
  • Includes implant mounts hex feature to align with the hex feature on the corresponding guide sleeves
  • Staging pedestal for holding the implant vial to remove the Fixture Mount Transfer (FMT) of the TSV implants is available. This enables the TSV implants to be placed fully guided through the surgical guides
  • Both soft and dense bone protocols are available


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