Surgical Kits
T3 Short Implant Surgical Kit (BSISK)

Surgical Kit

• Everything needed to place a T3 Short Implant in one compact kit
• Instrumentation specific to the T3 Short Implants
• The drilling sequence undersizes the osteotomy in diameter by 1.15 mm
• 5.0 mm diameter implants: Yellow Path
• 6.0 mm diameter implants: Green Path

Flat Bottom Shaping Drills

• Similar design to existing Tapered Implant Quad Shaping Drills
• Special cutting features
• Flat-bottom cutting tip to prepare an osteotomy that matches the dimensions of the implant
• Incorporates the countersink so the implant will be properly seated in the osteotomy
• Depth and diameter specific

Dense Bone Taps

The surgical kit also includes taps for the T3 Short Implants:

• One tap for the 5.0 mmD implants
• One tap for the 6.0 mmD implants
• Same design as existing taps but shorter
• One band with two depth marks (see image to right)

ACT Twist Drills

• Based on the design of standard length ACT Drills
• One laser mark indicating two depths: 5.0 mm and 6.0 mm
• The depth mark includes the drill tip length for precise depth drilling
• Two cutting flutes at the tip



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